Who is JetSetRnv8r?

JetSetRnv8r is a real-world real estate flip artist based in Beverly Hills, California – not a reality TV star.  He leads a real estate investment group specializing in turning around (otherwise known as “flipping”) luxury homes in the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills areas of Los Angeles.  To respect the privacy of his partners and investors and to be able to speak freely about his contractors, suppliers and sources, he prefers to remain anonymous but invites anyone to contact him directly through this blog or at JetSetRnv8r@gmail.com. 


JetSetRnv8r’s projects have been widely published in the U.S. and Europe, been featured on design tours, and been aired on television including HGTV and KCET.  He has lectured in the U.S. and Europe on mid-century modern restoration and preservation. 


Before getting into real estate, JetSetRnv8r spent nearly twenty years in international advertising and marketing, mostly in the entertainment industry in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  He’s lived in New York, Los Angeles, London, Germany, Japan and China – and everywhere he’s been he’s spent his spare time studying the local architecture, seeking out innovative design ideas, and finding one-of-a-kind suppliers.  He’s had a lifelong passion for real estate, architecture and construction and has also worked as a licensed real estate appraiser in Southern California which gives him a keen insight into how to value a home and what upgrades will return the most on their investment.   


He uses his marketing background to set his projects apart from the pack.  He collaborates with the city’s best architects and designers to design a house with a particular type of buyer in mind and has a track record of selling his homes to the most demanding, discerning buyers there are in Los Angeles – celebrities.  And he’s consistently delivered profits to his investors, despite working in a challenging market.


JetSetRnv8r occasionally takes on outside contract work when he’s between projects.  If you need assistance with a renovation project in or around Los Angeles, he may be available for a consultation – or for hire as a Project Manager for anything from a closet make-over to a gut-to-the-studs remodel or addition.  His team consists of the best architects, designers, contractors and sub-contractors in the city and he knows how to source the best materials at the lowest prices.  For more information, you can contact JetSetRnv8r directly at JetSetRnv8r@gmail.com.


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