New Porn Site for Vintage Furniture Addicts!

WooHOO!  As if 1st Dibs (and other sites on my list at right) weren’t enough, there’s a new online marketplace for vintage and reproduction mid-century modern furniture,, from L.A.-based Melanie Carlson.  It passed my test as it includes one of my favorites: hard-to-find dining chairs by Niels Moller (and it even spells his name right, unlike 1st Dibs).  But it’s no bargain.  Prices are as high as they get on notoriously overpriced 1st Dibs.  And the search function doesn’t seem to be working yet – but the site’s still in beta so hopefully they’ll work that out.  Sit back and prepare to lose track of time.  (And don’t forget to get up once in a while to eat, use the loo and stretch your legs to avoid an embolism.)

Lifted from the 8/26/08 Daily Candy

“Like a mod, tightly edited version of C-list or eBay, the site connects North American buyers and sellers whose pulses quicken at the site of Barcelona chairs, Eames tables, and Danish modern credenzas.

And skipping the middleman keeps prices lower than those in showrooms, so it’s not just furniture porn.”

JetSetRnv8r says check it out.