Ban the Squeegee!

Asking for trouble!

Asking for trouble!

I just had frameless glass shower doors installed in a high-end hilltop home I’m renovating and learned something from the installer that rocked my world.


The master shower is in a dramatic corner glass floor-to-ceiling window with views to the ocean and sunlight streaming through all day long, making it essential to keep the shower glass perfectly clean.  When I reassured him I would squeegee it after every use, he told me that was the worst thing I could do and to throw the squeegee away!


He explained that glass is porous, and squeegees only push soap-scummy water into the pores of the glass making the glass cloudy over time and impossible to clean.  Furthermore, the surface of glass is extremely delicate and easily scratched.  The slightest impurity on the glass surface may scratch if dragged across it by the squeegee.


Instead, he told me to spray Pledge furniture polish directly onto the glass and buff it till it’s clear.  This should be done three times before first use, then once every three or four months after that.  Water will simply bead-up and roll off with each shower.  To get any remaining droplets off the glass after a shower, gently dab it with a terry towel.  I tried it – and he’s right.  Amazing!



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  1. Thats very intereting about using Pledge! I will have to try that instead of very expensive nanotech super hydrophobic chemicals. Thanks.
    If you do get scratches in the glass or any glass surface, there is a way to repair and resurface it without leaving any discernible distortion. is the answer for Scratched Glass issues.

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